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Fashion Faceoff:Who wore it best Lauren or Katie Cassidy?

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  1. loverslc answered: Laaaaaaaaaaaauren!
  2. makefashionworld answered: lauren definitely :)
  3. princessdiannaxo answered: Lauren!
  4. yungflaca answered: Lauren, she looks goo in anything.
  5. letlooseandletlove answered: LC
  6. oveermyheead answered: Lauren <3
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  8. la-parisienne-chic answered: Lauren!
  9. l-ovelylauren answered: Lauren Conrad of course :)
  10. softstarlight answered: Lauren. I like her her hair and make up better.
  11. gothicbarbie answered: lauren1
  12. deeloverain answered: Lauren Conrad! ;)
  13. artonfire answered: lauren!
  14. raisavaldive answered: lauren of course!!
  15. gwumpybeaa answered: lauren
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  17. shivakamini-somakandarkram answered: LC!
  18. jamiesophia answered: lauren duh
  19. jennyleeburgen answered: lauren
  20. shravalava answered: lc
  21. summeer-nights answered: Katie, but Lauren still looks fantastic!
  22. ohlaura answered: Lauren <3
  23. backstage-couture answered: LAUREN<3
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  25. flairelle answered: Lauren
  26. wherewhowhat answered: Lauren, of course.
  27. reabeybe answered: Lauren!
  28. invasionxsuccexy answered: Katie
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  30. brokenrecordplayer answered: lauren duh!
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  32. pinkclouds-endlessocean answered: Lauren!
  33. light-creamy answered: lauren
  34. artmeetsfashion answered: Katie because I prefer her shoes but Lauren is gorgeous
  35. steph-fierce answered: lauren of course!
  36. misskathelyn answered: lol really?
  37. boulevardlights answered: lauren! katie’s isn’t fitted another at the bottom
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